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Prices, Cancellation Insurance and Low-occupancy Discounts

"MasterCancel" flexible cancellation insurance is now included which covers us in the event of a cancellation within the period from 60 days to 2 days prior to the booked arrival.

We make no apologies for maintaining our 3-day "COVID-firewalls" between all bookings until the end of September (gaps for everyone's safety) but sadly these have also reduced the numbers of guests that we have been able to accommodate. We have therefore introduced a number of Low Occupancy discounts over the winter months to tempt you away and to extend the holiday season by encouraging couples to stay in our larger properties.

You will see numerous changes to make things easier and safer including three BBQ areas and new outdoor seating; a new mobile App replaces all the printed guides and a number of changed processes are currently in operation for everyone's safety.

Flexible Cancellation Insurance

We are pleased also to announce that from 1st August we are building in "MasterCancel" flexible cancellation insurance which covers us in the event of a cancellation within the period from 60 days to 2 days prior to the booked arrival.

MasterCancel applies only to new bookings made on or after 1st August and not to bookings that have been moved from an earlier date or which were the result of a previous cancellation (or where a voucher was used from a previous cancellation). For more detail please refer to our revised Terms and Conditions.

Accommodation prices are now dynamic reflecting both the demand / popularity and the prices of competitive accommodation in this area. The price per night therefore also varies so for example 3 nights mid-week will generally be cheaper than 3 nights at the weekend.

Winter Low-occupancy Discounts

To tempt you to take a break and so extend our winter holiday season (during the periods 7th Sept - 22nd Oct, 4th Nov - 17th Dec, 4th Jan - 11th Feb, 22nd Feb - 25th March) we are now offering "Low Occupancy" discounts of 15% on our 2 bedroom properties and 17.5% on our 3 bedroom properties where just one couple books (which can include a cot for an infant). This will give you much more living space although only the bedroom of your choice will be made up for your use.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.. Best Wishes, Richard & Jan.