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Electric Vehicle Charging

3 new, fast Type 2 charge points available (up to 22kW)

Our 3 new Type 2 EV Charge Points are now live.

Eassee Type 2 Charge Point

Each of the three "Charging Robots" automatically adapt to the power of the grid, the electric car and the installation to provide a total of up to 22kW via a dedicated 3-phase spur.

Twin Charging Points

EV charging access and payment (per kWh) is via a simple, easy to use and free to download app.

Twin Charging Points

EV Charging Instructions

Further details can be found in the Welcome Guide 

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The cost of charging Electric Vehicles is not included in the booking and is currently 45p per kWh which compares favourably to Charge My Street in Kendal who are charging non-subscribers 48p per kWh "Pay As You Go".

The old 3.5kw charge point is no longer available. Charging an EV from one of our standard domestic 13A or 16A sockets is not permitted and could be dangerous and / or invalidate our insurance.

Note that different vehicles require different cables so guests will need to bring their own Type 2 cable.

The Hyning Estate uses Ground Source, Solar, MVHR and "Green Electricity" from sustainable sources is a member of Green Tourism with a Gold Award.

We encourage Guests staying at The Hyning Estate to bring their Electric Vehicles.

For further information on Green Initiatives at The Hyning Estate, please see this article.